If you recently looked at the calendar and felt a shock of panic, you are not alone. “A lot organizations find themselves in a place where October comes along and it suddenly becomes obvious and important to get their Giving Tuesday and End of Year campaigns together,” James Brobyn, CEO and Co-Founder of CauseEngine, a firm that provides “on-demand talent” for nonprofits. And, he adds, “the development person or staff has to do all the work; so, it helps to be strategic, since you can’t do everything.”

It’s not too late for End of Year Fundraising Plans
The good news is that there is time to get a campaign together.  In the podcast, below, James shares some advice and fundraising tips, based in large part on the many lessons he has learned over the years in working with a variety of organizations.  After you have listened to the episode, be sure and snag the template he has provided to help you create your own Campaign Action Plan to end the year on a high note.
James talks about how to create achievable actions for your fundraising plans; tips on fast and easy ways to modernize your website and increase the user experience of your donation page; the importance of mobile responsiveness.


Looking into 2017

He also shares some tips on affordable ways to increase capacity in 2017. Take a listen!