Major Gift Fundraising: Improve Your Strategy with Tech


According to the 80/20 rule in fundraising, a small number of donors (typically around 20%) will provide the majority of your fundraising dollars (around 80%). These contributions are referred to as major gifts. What constitutes a major gift will be different for every nonprofit. For one organization, a major gift may be $5,000. For another, the major gift threshold may be $20,000. Whatever the specifics look like for your organization, the importance of these large gifts cannot be overstated. This is why your method for soliciting and securing major gifts matters. You’ll need careful planning and cultivation tactics backed by robust [...]

Major Gift Fundraising: Improve Your Strategy with Tech2024-05-02T09:36:10-04:00

4 Steps in a Major Gift Moves Management Process


According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, a drop in gifts from major donors and a decrease in donor retention have led to fundraising challenges for nonprofits this year. As a nonprofit professional, you know that major gifts don’t just appear out of thin air. It takes time and effort from your development team to get to know prospective major donors and win their support. That means that building a reliable, sustainable major gift moves management process is more important now than ever. Moves management describes the steps of the major donor journey, from solicitation to renewal and upgrade. When it comes [...]

4 Steps in a Major Gift Moves Management Process2024-01-10T08:18:54-05:00
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