Celebrate Generosity: Honoring Capital Campaign Major Givers


Capital campaigns are major undertakings that will require investment and involvement from your nonprofit’s entire community. In particular, your organization’s major givers will play a pivotal role in the success of these large-scale projects. Not only will major givers provide significant financial support to your campaign, but they can also offer their expertise and guidance during the planning process and act as ambassadors for your cause, inspiring others to give. Clearly, your major givers will be instrumental in helping your organization achieve its capital campaign goals. So, to ensure that they feel appreciated and seen for all they do for your campaign, you [...]

Celebrate Generosity: Honoring Capital Campaign Major Givers2023-05-24T14:14:20-04:00

Capture Donors’ Attention: 4 Direct Mail Fundraising Tips


Direct mail fundraising is an impactful tool that your nonprofit can use to connect with donors of all ages. While there is a misconception that direct mail isn’t as effective as fast-paced digital marketing, this form of fundraising can uniquely motivate donors to take action and help you reach your nonprofit’s goals. Specifically, direct mail adds a personal touch because it provides donors with a tangible message—something that can feel more meaningful than a simple social media post. As an organization with experience in the world of direct mail fundraising, you’re probably familiar with the reality of working to stand out in [...]

Capture Donors’ Attention: 4 Direct Mail Fundraising Tips2023-05-18T23:37:05-04:00

3 Summer Fundraising Ideas for Your School Organization


While classes are out for summer vacation, many school organizations are still working hard to prepare for the upcoming school year. For example, the PTA might be meeting to plan fun events for students that motivate them to get involved in the community, while the marching band practices for the approaching competitive season. Because these organizations are still meeting, rehearsing, and preparing over the summer, they need to secure the funding and resources that will help them operate in the summer months and during the academic year. This is where summer fundraisers come in. After all, this is the perfect time [...]

3 Summer Fundraising Ideas for Your School Organization2023-04-04T15:36:14-04:00

4 Surefire Strategies for Effective Major Donor Fundraising


There are many ways your nonprofit can raise money for its cause, from launching peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and hosting events to asking local businesses to sponsor your work. But one of the greatest sources of nonprofit revenue is major gifts, which are the largest individual contributions your organization receives. In fact, nonprofits typically find that 80% of their revenue comes from just 20% of their donors—their major donors! Of course, what constitutes a major gift will vary based on the size and scope of each individual organization, but the importance of these gifts is the same across the board. Without major gifts, you wouldn’t [...]

4 Surefire Strategies for Effective Major Donor Fundraising2023-03-03T13:57:15-05:00

Assessing Silent Auction Software: 6 Things to Look For


Choosing the right event for your nonprofit to host can be a challenge. You need to find an event that supports your fundraising goals, donor stewardship initiatives, and overall supporter engagement, not to mention cultivating new donors. If you’ve decided to host a silent auction in conjunction with your next event, you’re already on the right track to creating an exciting opportunity to bring your community of supporters together and raise plenty of funds. A fundraising professional already has so much on their plate, from planning the auction to running other fundraisers. We totally get it. Using quality auction software will make your job [...]

Assessing Silent Auction Software: 6 Things to Look For2023-02-06T09:28:18-05:00

Giving Thanks: How to Show Gratitude in the Holiday Season


With nearly one-third of all charitable contributions occurring during the holidays, the most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest for your nonprofit. There’s no better time to show your thanks to your donors than the holiday season, a time centered around generosity and giving back. Even outside of the holiday season, donor appreciation is an essential part of any advocacy campaign. It’s a necessary tactic for boosting retention, which is important to guarantee a strong start for your nonprofit in the new calendar year. Your appreciation messages should make your supporters feel special. To achieve this, your thank-you [...]

Giving Thanks: How to Show Gratitude in the Holiday Season2022-11-16T13:59:47-05:00

Improving Donor Stewardship During a Crisis in 3 Steps


While a crisis may not seem like the best time to adapt your nonprofit fundraising strategy to focus on donor stewardship, a difficult time presents a unique opportunity for nonprofits. In fact, it’s not only a good time to work on donor stewardship, but it’s actually crucial that you focus on supporter relationships during tough times. This guide will help you bolster your connection with your donors in three steps for improving donor stewardship during any crisis. 1. Improve donor communication More than ever, donors need to know that your relationship is genuine. Now is the time to level up your communications to [...]

Improving Donor Stewardship During a Crisis in 3 Steps2022-11-03T15:42:52-04:00

Donor Retention Strategies: 6 Next-Level Practices


When it comes to nonprofit fundraising, it takes more time and money to acquire new donors than it does to keep current donors. That’s why donor retention is so important. Your organization has probably implemented some strategies to retain donors, but you may be looking for additional ways to improve donor retention and grow your audience. Here are six suggestions for taking your retention strategies to the next level: Offer creative giving options to excite your donors. Make your donors' first giving experience a good one. Create a donor membership program. Host stewardship events. Offer volunteer options that target donors’ interests [...]

Donor Retention Strategies: 6 Next-Level Practices2023-03-17T13:34:11-04:00

4 DIY Fundraising Ideas to Share With Your Volunteers


More and more nonprofits are implementing DIY (do-it-yourself) fundraising in their yearly fundraising strategy–and for good reason! DIY fundraising offers your nonprofit a more hands-off approach and gives the reins to your most loyal supporters. In turn, your supporters can create an engaging, creative campaign that pulls in more support for your nonprofit! This style of peer-to-peer fundraising can boost your organization’s revenue, expand your reach, and help your supporters feel more connected to your organization. According to the 2022 Giving Experience Study, social giving–which includes DIY and peer-to-peer fundraising– continues to grow. 1 in 3 US adults said they [...]

4 DIY Fundraising Ideas to Share With Your Volunteers2022-11-03T15:42:27-04:00

Capital Campaigns 101: What are Feasibility Studies?


Big investments should be approached carefully. Most people wouldn’t buy a new house or car sight unseen. The same is true for your nonprofit as it weighs a major fundraising campaign.  Capital campaigns represent significant investments of your organization’s time, resources, and energy. If all goes according to plan, you’ll reap the benefits of raising funding for a major capacity-building initiative, expanding your fundraising capacity, and teaching your team valuable fundraising and stewardship lessons along the way.  So, how should you begin carefully approaching this kind of major investment? With plenty of planning and a feasibility study. What are feasibility studies? [...]

Capital Campaigns 101: What are Feasibility Studies?2022-09-26T16:03:54-04:00
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