How to Harness Alumni Donor Data for Maximum Impact: 5 Ideas


Four years of college go by in the blink of an eye. It’s easy to engage students while they’re on your campus, but it’s more difficult to encourage alumni to stay involved once they’ve graduated. To keep alumni as strong supporters of your school community, you can’t rely on intuition alone. You need to back up your alumni engagement decisions using your donor database. In this article, we’ll go over our top ideas for alumni donor data collection and usage to maximize the support you gain from past students. Let’s get started! 1. Conduct prospect research. AlumniFinder explains that prospect research is a [...]

How to Harness Alumni Donor Data for Maximum Impact: 5 Ideas2023-09-18T14:07:30-04:00

How to Choose a Crowdfunding Site: Key Considerations


Imagine this—you’re on a set campaign time limit and you need a fundraising method that raises revenue fast. Maybe you’ve hosted fundraising events before or even attended an auction or two, but now you need a reliable method you know you can count on. For this scenario, crowdfunding is the perfect solution. Every year an average of $17.2 billion in crowdfunding dollars is generated in North America alone. Regardless of your cause, crowdfunding is one of the most lucrative fundraising methods out there. However, there is one aspect of crowdfunding that can be tricky—selecting the right crowdfunding platform. The wrong choice could cause setup issues, hidden fees, [...]

How to Choose a Crowdfunding Site: Key Considerations2023-08-28T16:25:32-04:00

How to Recruit Volunteers for Your Animal-Related Nonprofit


As a nonprofit committed to caring for animals in need, you understand the importance of having volunteers who share your vision and are willing to work towards your goals. However, attracting people to your cause can be difficult, especially when you operate with limited resources. If you're struggling to recruit volunteers for your animal-related nonprofit, we have some tips that can help: Define Roles and Opportunities Leverage Multichannel Marketing Partner With Local Businesses Participate in Community-Wide Events Whether you're rescuing strays, promoting wildlife conservation, or advocating for animal welfare, these insights will help you build a strong and committed volunteer team. 1. Define [...]

How to Recruit Volunteers for Your Animal-Related Nonprofit2023-08-25T08:27:04-04:00

Hosting a Creative Nonprofit Event: 4 Top Tips and Tricks


Every year, nonprofit professionals must fill their fundraising calendar with events that help them generate the revenue they need to fund their mission. But when hosting so many events, how can you make sure that each one is creative, engaging, and attractive to your supporters? It’s easy to fall into the trap of hosting the same tried-and-true event year after year. Instead, spice up your fundraising calendar by interspersing new, creative events along with your traditional offerings. To revamp your nonprofit event-planning efforts, this guide will go over four tips and tricks for hosting creative events that help you generate the revenue your nonprofit [...]

Hosting a Creative Nonprofit Event: 4 Top Tips and Tricks2023-08-16T16:43:32-04:00

GivingTuesday for Nonprofits: FAQs + 5 Tips to Stand Out


The end of the calendar year is the most important time for fundraising. Research shows that about 30 percent of nonprofit donations take place in December, and the holiday season tends to create a spirit of generosity among nonprofit supporters. It’s critical for your organization to start developing your year-end fundraising strategy early to bring in as much funding during this time as possible. A great way to kick off the year-end giving season is by launching a campaign for GivingTuesday. This worldwide celebration of generosity toward nonprofit causes can help your organization raise a lot of revenue and engage your entire supporter base. Read [...]

GivingTuesday for Nonprofits: FAQs + 5 Tips to Stand Out2023-08-31T15:58:31-04:00

3 Strategic Tips to Enhance Your Fundraising Calendar


It can be intimidating to translate your fundraising goals into your calendar. You might feel there is not enough time to hit your target objectives. After all, there are only twelve months in a year. So, where should you start? Kick off your efforts by building a comprehensive fundraising calendar that represents your nonprofit's target dates. In this guide, we’ll review three big-picture, strategic tips to bolster your planning efforts: Align Your Calendar with Your Goals Finalize Your Strategy with Data Leverage Recurring Giving With a thorough plan, your nonprofit can diversify its fundraising revenue and engage its supporters consistently. If you feel [...]

3 Strategic Tips to Enhance Your Fundraising Calendar2023-07-20T10:57:28-04:00

Creating a Consistent Brand Voice in Your Text Messages


Text-to-give is a great way for your organization to boost revenue and connect with supporters. However, if your messages don’t feel authentic and relevant to your target audience, you might struggle to convert subscribers into active donors of your cause. This is where creating a consistent brand voice can help. Your branding helps supporters understand who your organization is, what you stand for, and why your nonprofit is worthy of donors’ support. By using a consistent brand voice in your text messages, you can increase trust with supporters, build stronger donor relationships, and inspire giving at a large scale. Use these top tips [...]

Creating a Consistent Brand Voice in Your Text Messages2023-07-14T12:07:52-04:00

Key Markers of a Major Gifts Prospect & How to Leverage Them


Major gifts are the largest gifts your nonprofit receives. And no matter what a major gift looks like for your organization—whether that be $10,000 or $100,000—these large donations can do wonders for your nonprofit.  Specifically, major gifts make up a large part of your revenue and empower you to not only strengthen your existing programs and services but also increase your capacity to serve your beneficiaries, potentially through increasing your nonprofit's endowment.  But before you can tap into these benefits, you have to identify your major donors and prepare to cultivate strong relationships with them. This is done through comprehensive prospect [...]

Key Markers of a Major Gifts Prospect & How to Leverage Them2023-06-28T16:43:32-04:00

5 Ways Mobile Bidding Helps to Simplify Your Auction


As a nonprofit leader, you likely leverage a variety of digital tools to simplify your fundraising efforts. Not only does software streamline fundraising tasks for nonprofit staff members but it also creates a positive donor experience when supporters interact with it. Easy-to-use tools ultimately help nonprofits grow and retain donors for future support, which is why user-friendly software is a critical part of hosting an auction. In this guide, we’ll explore five ways your nonprofit can make its upcoming auction easier through mobile bidding software: Automated Bid Increments Remote Bidding Bid Notifications Transaction Recording Donor Data Collection From varying event formats to the [...]

5 Ways Mobile Bidding Helps to Simplify Your Auction2023-06-20T12:57:13-04:00

Celebrate Generosity: Honoring Capital Campaign Major Givers


Capital campaigns are major undertakings that will require investment and involvement from your nonprofit’s entire community. In particular, your organization’s major givers will play a pivotal role in the success of these large-scale projects. Not only will major givers provide significant financial support to your campaign, but they can also offer their expertise and guidance during the planning process and act as ambassadors for your cause, inspiring others to give. Clearly, your major givers will be instrumental in helping your organization achieve its capital campaign goals. So, to ensure that they feel appreciated and seen for all they do for your campaign, you [...]

Celebrate Generosity: Honoring Capital Campaign Major Givers2023-05-24T14:14:20-04:00
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