Cryptocurrency Donations are On the Rise: How to Tap In


Last year, donors gave over $200 million to nonprofits in cryptocurrency donations. Even as overall giving to nonprofits declined, the amount of crypto donations increased. If you’re looking for new ways to generate fundraising revenue for your cause, cryptocurrency’s rising popularity indicates that it could be an impactful avenue to explore. Entering the world of crypto for the first time may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these steps to tap into this emerging donation option for your nonprofit: Learn the basics Select a crypto donation platform Promote the option to your donors Strengthen relationships with cryptocurrency donors Once you have [...]

Cryptocurrency Donations are On the Rise: How to Tap In2023-10-04T13:09:21-04:00

The Nonprofit in Trump’s America


Regardless of what side of the aisle you fall on, the 2016 election season and all of its aftermath has been utterly exhausting. A new side of America came out in full force, following behind a man who was openly racist, misogynist, bigoted, and hateful, while a woman whose life has been lived in the political sphere was cast as an untrustworthy criminal.   Like many of you reading this, I’m unsure of what comes next. What awaits the nonprofit in Trump's America? I’m getting slammed with requests from Trump supporters to “give the guy a chance.” And believe me, I’m [...]

The Nonprofit in Trump’s America2018-07-05T05:22:33-04:00

Future of Philanthropy: Nicholas Midler


"Future of Philanthropy" is a new department dedicated to showcasing the amazing work of young, aspiring-- and inspiring-- nonprofit leaders. Once every month or two, we will showcase a young person who is intent on making a difference in the world. This first installment features Nicholas Midler, co-founder of The Family Connection Kindercamp, a six-week non-profit summer camp on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. The U.S. Virgin Islands has a serious education crisis – 83% of 3rd-11th graders failed National English standards and 93% didn’t meet expectations in math. In an effort to combat these troubling numbers, The Family Connection Kindercamp is expanding its teaching staff to provide individualized attention to [...]

Future of Philanthropy: Nicholas Midler2016-06-27T02:36:09-04:00

7 Reasons to Serve on a Nonprofit Board


It may sound a little self-serving, but there's an easy way to advance your career, get networked, while you're also doing good for others. Serve on a nonprofit board.   Of course, the primary reason you should serve on a nonprofit board is that you want to make the world a better place and you care about the cause. But, serving on a board and bringing your knowledge, energy, and expertise to the table is something that can not only benefit the organization but you as well.   Many reputable and leading charities have seasoned business leaders serving on their boards. [...]

7 Reasons to Serve on a Nonprofit Board2016-03-28T10:37:58-04:00
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