5 Steps to Master the Charity Auction Check-in Process


When it comes to planning a successful fundraising event, you need to factor in the entire attendee experience—from ticket purchase to post-event follow-up. If your nonprofit is planning to host a charity auction, it’s important to have an easy, streamlined check-in to make a strong impression on your guests. Your guests should feel confident that you are ready to present them with an unforgettable evening. In this guide, we’ll walk through five steps you can take to make the auction check-in as easy and streamlined as possible. 1. Collect the information you need from guests before the event. You want to move [...]

5 Steps to Master the Charity Auction Check-in Process2024-04-25T15:00:23-04:00

Creating Meaningful Online Donor Experiences: 5 Strategies


The average internet user spends nearly seven hours online every day. Between keeping up with global news and connecting with loved ones on social media, your donors have countless reasons to be online. Considering the amount of time they spend on their devices, your nonprofit can tap into many opportunities to bring donors closer to your mission. In this guide, we’ll share five strategies for developing meaningful online donor experiences, including: Improve your website accessibility. Accept multiple ways to give. Encourage two-way communication on social media. Add virtual events to your calendar. Share appreciation and impact online. By strengthening your nonprofit’s online presence [...]

Creating Meaningful Online Donor Experiences: 5 Strategies2024-04-05T15:20:30-04:00

Planning a Grassroots Advocacy Campaign for Your Nonprofit


To further your nonprofit’s mission, sometimes you need to take direct action. Whether that means creating a public petition or hosting a rally to draw attention to your cause, your supporters will play a vital role in the success of your chosen advocacy efforts. That’s why many organizations choose to launch grassroots campaigns — advocacy initiatives designed to encourage large numbers of supporters at the local level to advocate for change. This article will explore the basics of grassroots advocacy and the steps your nonprofit can take to plan your own campaign. What is a grassroots advocacy campaign? Grassroots advocacy campaigns are organized efforts that [...]

Planning a Grassroots Advocacy Campaign for Your Nonprofit2024-03-26T13:05:11-04:00

Understanding the 4 Key Nonprofit Financial Roles: A Guide


Nonprofits are typically composed of hardworking professionals who wear many hats. While each staff member may have a specific title like “fundraising director” or “project manager,” they often take on a wider range of responsibilities. This could mean handling tasks from donor communications to procurement to event planning to accomplish everything that needs to be done to further the organization’s mission. However, some areas of nonprofit work require more specialization. In particular, effective financial management relies on having experts on your team with specific skills and knowledge in that area. That’s right, experts, plural. In this guide, we’ll cover the four financial roles your [...]

Understanding the 4 Key Nonprofit Financial Roles: A Guide2024-02-13T16:48:49-05:00

Why Donors Love Direct Mail: 4 Key Differentiators


As you build out your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy for the year, you may be wondering whether or not you should include direct mail. After all, this channel can be more costly than other avenues and may feel antiquated in today’s digital age. However, the return on investment (ROI) for direct mail marketing remains strong, with some marketers reporting up to 112% ROI.  This is due in part to the fact that donors genuinely enjoy receiving direct mail, for four key reasons. In this article, we’ll explore each of the following differentiators that make direct mail such an effective fundraising channel: 1. It’s tangible. One [...]

Why Donors Love Direct Mail: 4 Key Differentiators2024-01-29T13:17:31-05:00

Consolidating Your Data: 3 Strategies for Nonprofits


Nonprofits, large and small, collect and analyze data from various sources. Donor data, such as contact information and past giving behavior, enhances donor management and allows organizations to appeal to supporters’ unique reasons for giving. On the other hand, financial data keeps nonprofits organized and aware of the health of their operations. By properly collecting and analyzing data, these insights can be used to forecast donor behavior and even project fundraising revenue. Data consolidation provides a strong foundation for this by ensuring all nonprofit data is accurate, up-to-date, and integrated on a single platform. In this guide, we’ll discuss strategies nonprofits [...]

Consolidating Your Data: 3 Strategies for Nonprofits2024-01-24T13:15:53-05:00

Going Viral: How to Create Shareable Nonprofit Content


While social media started as a means to check in with family and friends, it’s evolved into a free tool for organizations to spread their messages and reach supporters near and far. Every nonprofit marketer’s dream is to go viral on social media and achieve maximum visibility for their cause, but with billions of users claiming space on the platforms, it’s easier said than done. However, by crafting a content strategy built for virality, your organization can gain more exposure. These tips can help you amplify your mission on social media: Leverage each platform’s unique features. Stay on top of trends and [...]

Going Viral: How to Create Shareable Nonprofit Content2024-01-23T08:26:49-05:00

Nonprofit Budgeting: How to Shop For Fundraising Software


Whether you’re looking for a platform to collect fundraising data, automate marketing messages, or simply streamline giving for donors, choosing the right fundraising software is critical to your nonprofit’s ability to raise support. If you’re not sure how to start your search or what to look for, this guide is for you! Let’s review the five steps to shopping for fundraising software to help your nonprofit find the perfect solution. 1. List out must-have features To kick off your search, you’ll need a clear understanding of what you’re looking for in fundraising software. When it comes to choosing one platform over [...]

Nonprofit Budgeting: How to Shop For Fundraising Software2024-01-22T08:42:18-05:00

4 Key Ways Union Management Software Empowers Leadership


As a union leader, you likely wear many hats to keep your organization running smoothly. You need a software solution that can support your current operations and scale them over time. That’s why choosing an integrated union management software solution is essential to your union’s success. Leveraging a top-of-the-line software solution grants your union access to features that fit its unique needs. Let’s go over how to streamline your operations, improve your management tactics, and provide results to your members with the help of the right software solution. 1. Data Management Let’s face it: relying on paper records is usually a [...]

4 Key Ways Union Management Software Empowers Leadership2024-01-19T11:26:17-05:00

Diversifying Your Revenue: 4 Effective Ideas for Nonprofits


Picture this: As the new year begins, you review your nonprofit’s year-end donation revenue and realize you’ve fallen short of your projected fundraising goals. As fundraising reports have shown, end-of-year donations can account for up to 22% of a nonprofit’s total annual fundraising, meaning potential shortfalls can impact your programs for the rest of the year. These situations can happen, especially if unexpected circumstances arise. Fortunately, your nonprofit can mitigate them by diversifying its revenue with a variety of fundraising sources beyond just donations.  By expanding your revenue sources, you’ll be able to give your nonprofit added financial security and provide your donors with [...]

Diversifying Your Revenue: 4 Effective Ideas for Nonprofits2023-10-19T13:36:54-04:00
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