5 Steps to Master the Charity Auction Check-in Process


When it comes to planning a successful fundraising event, you need to factor in the entire attendee experience—from ticket purchase to post-event follow-up. If your nonprofit is planning to host a charity auction, it’s important to have an easy, streamlined check-in to make a strong impression on your guests. Your guests should feel confident that you are ready to present them with an unforgettable evening. In this guide, we’ll walk through five steps you can take to make the auction check-in as easy and streamlined as possible. 1. Collect the information you need from guests before the event. You want to move [...]

5 Steps to Master the Charity Auction Check-in Process2024-04-25T15:00:23-04:00

What Nonprofits Need to Know About Event Management Software


Imagine seamlessly organizing a gala, charity run, or community fundraiser with a tool that simplifies your workflow and maximizes impact. This is the power of event management software for nonprofits. With this software, you can turn complex logistics into smooth, well-executed events that exceed your organization's goals. In this article, we’ll discuss how to utilize event management software, its benefits, and how to choose one to ensure every event is a stepping stone toward your mission's success. How Can Nonprofits Use Event Management Software? Event management software enables nonprofits to organize, execute, and analyze their events efficiently. This technology streamlines processes, from [...]

What Nonprofits Need to Know About Event Management Software2024-03-22T08:25:27-04:00

Why Event Gamification Works and Top 5 Gamification Ideas


From the moment attendees check in to your event, you want to capture their attention and provide an unforgettable experience. Ever considered turning your event into a series of games or challenges that encourage attendees to take desired actions and enhance their event journeys? Enter event gamification. When you incorporate game-like elements and challenges into your event, you excite your attendees and encourage their active participation. It’s a creative way to transform your event and make it stand out from others in the nonprofit sector. In this guide, we’ll explain why event gamification is so effective, how you can implement it, [...]

Why Event Gamification Works and Top 5 Gamification Ideas2024-02-26T11:01:16-05:00

Going Viral: How to Create Shareable Nonprofit Content


While social media started as a means to check in with family and friends, it’s evolved into a free tool for organizations to spread their messages and reach supporters near and far. Every nonprofit marketer’s dream is to go viral on social media and achieve maximum visibility for their cause, but with billions of users claiming space on the platforms, it’s easier said than done. However, by crafting a content strategy built for virality, your organization can gain more exposure. These tips can help you amplify your mission on social media: Leverage each platform’s unique features. Stay on top of trends and [...]

Going Viral: How to Create Shareable Nonprofit Content2024-01-23T08:26:49-05:00

Making Your Charity Golf Tournament Irresistible to Sponsors


Your nonprofit’s charity golf tournament has a unique appeal to sponsors. How? Your event gives them access to an audience of potential clients and customers, that typically represents a demographic of above-average wealth and influence, that they can’t reach anywhere else. But pitching a sponsorship—even if you have strong relationships with local businesses and companies—can feel daunting. With the right strategies in place, your tournament will provide great ROI for businesses looking for exposure, brand lift, and association with a great cause. From the initial pitch to tournament execution, here’s how to make your tournament irresistible to prospective sponsors. 1. Offer [...]

Making Your Charity Golf Tournament Irresistible to Sponsors2024-01-22T09:16:44-05:00

Bid Sheet Design 101: 5 Successful Strategies for Nonprofits


Nonprofits are always looking for ways to diversify their revenue and engage their donors in new and exciting ways. By hosting an auction, you can gather your supporters together and offer them a thrilling event in which they can support your cause and potentially take home a prize. While many charitable organizations have traditionally held live auctions, silent auctions are extremely versatile to in-person, virtual, or hybrid formats. Without the pressure of live bidding, they’re also less intimidating for attendees, encouraging more people to show up and contribute to your mission. One of the most important elements of any silent auction is your bid [...]

Bid Sheet Design 101: 5 Successful Strategies for Nonprofits2024-01-05T12:30:52-05:00

From Pitch to Partnership: Securing Event Sponsorships


When you’re in the thick of planning a fundraising event, you know that all the details matter, but sponsorships are especially important to maximize revenue and fundraising outcomes. It’s important to note that sponsors should be stewarded differently than your organization’s regular donors. Sponsors typically give larger amounts of cash, in-kind donations, or assets than average donors, which means that you, as a fundraiser, need to employ different strategies to get them onboard and be prepared to spend more time and effort maintaining the relationship. The great thing about these types of sponsorships is that they are a win-win for your nonprofit and the [...]

From Pitch to Partnership: Securing Event Sponsorships2024-03-05T13:01:25-05:00

3 Best Practices for Organizing a Nonprofit Clothing Drive


Nonprofits help their beneficiaries in a variety of ways. However, to provide valuable assistance, nonprofits need readily available funds. A clothing drive presents a unique opportunity for some nonprofits to directly help their beneficiaries by collecting clothing for them. And for other nonprofits, a clothing drive is a unique and effective fundraiser. To help you get started hosting a nonprofit clothing drive, we’ll review these best practices: Create a thorough clothing drive plan. Form clothing drive partnerships. Determine what items you’ll accept. Before we dive in, let’s discuss why you should consider hosting a clothing drive event and how it will [...]

3 Best Practices for Organizing a Nonprofit Clothing Drive2023-09-29T10:00:42-04:00

Hosting Engaging Virtual Events: How to Boost Participation


Like any type of fundraising initiative, virtual events have their strengths and shortcomings. On one hand, they present great opportunities for interfacing with your nonprofit’s supporters and growing your community in a convenient, cost-effective way. But, on the other hand, they can sometimes lack the excitement and connection that in-person events offer. So, what can your nonprofit do to make sure you’re hosting engaging virtual events? In this short guide, we’ll walk you through a few strategies to help you boost participation at your next virtual event and make it more memorable: Try an event idea your supporters haven’t seen before. Invest in [...]

Hosting Engaging Virtual Events: How to Boost Participation2023-10-02T09:05:35-04:00

Hosting a Creative Nonprofit Event: 4 Top Tips and Tricks


Every year, nonprofit professionals must fill their fundraising calendar with events that help them generate the revenue they need to fund their mission. But when hosting so many events, how can you make sure that each one is creative, engaging, and attractive to your supporters? It’s easy to fall into the trap of hosting the same tried-and-true event year after year. Instead, spice up your fundraising calendar by interspersing new, creative events along with your traditional offerings. To revamp your nonprofit event-planning efforts, this guide will go over four tips and tricks for hosting creative events that help you generate the revenue your nonprofit [...]

Hosting a Creative Nonprofit Event: 4 Top Tips and Tricks2023-08-16T16:43:32-04:00
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