Smart Fundraisers are Prepared for Uncertainty


Smart fundraisers are getting better at planning for uncertainty. Just when we thought we were out of the woods, new strains and variants of the COVID virus have sent many fundraisers scrambling, again. Rather than waiting for things to ‘return to normal,' be prepared to pivot. A good fundraising plan should start with an analysis of development activities, either a formal audit or an informal survey of the current state of your program. What are the strengths you should take advantage of, how can you improve areas of weakness, and where are the opportunities for future growth? Creating a fundraising [...]

Smart Fundraisers are Prepared for Uncertainty2022-02-16T09:32:35-05:00

4 Foundational Tips for a Sure-Fire Fundraising Strategy in 2022


Remember, each passing year is another chance to improve. Imagine what your organization could accomplish in 2022 if you began each initiative with streamlined donor records, an arsenal of canned reports to track key metrics, and a solid plan to prioritize each donor segment individually. While your nonprofit’s plan will be unique, these foundational tips are sure to help you set the stage for the new year with a sure-fire fundraising strategy. Tip #1: Send multichannel communications with diverse opportunities to give You may be surprised to learn that multichannel donors contribute four times as often as online-only or offline-only donors [...]

4 Foundational Tips for a Sure-Fire Fundraising Strategy in 20222022-03-16T15:28:29-04:00

Your Nonprofit Logo is a Spark, Not the Flame


Remember these words: Your nonprofit's logo is not your story. If you Google “nonprofit logos,” you’ll see some common themes. Hands. Globes. Holding hands around a globe. Hearts. I get how this happened. Many nonprofit leaders really want to take every opportunity to help you understand that they are helping people. They want that to be clear. They want to use every tool, including their logo, to tell their story. In my experience working with nonprofit clients, I’ve learned how much people want to be able to have one icon or image that shows the whole who, what, why all [...]

Your Nonprofit Logo is a Spark, Not the Flame2022-02-21T07:47:47-05:00

Why Monthly Giving is Easy


Why Monthly Giving is Easy! By Erica Waasdorp, President, A Direct Solution and author of Monthly Giving. The Sleeping Giant and NEW: Monthly Giving Made Easy During the recent Virtual Summit for Nonprofit Changemakers , Ashton Rodenhiser did this wonderful visual overview of what I talked about for 45 minutes. Mind you, she had only heard me speak once before with a different monthly giving focus. It’s truly amazing how she can capture the essence of the session.  If nothing else, print out this little graphic and put it on your bulletin board. It’s a quick overview of why and [...]

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The Surprising Gift of Doubt—Using Uncertainty to Become the Exceptional Leader You Were Meant To Be


Nonprofit leadership is challenging in the best of times, and even more so now. What do you do when you don’t know what the next steps are? How do you keep going, and help your team keep going, when doubt seems at the door? Could the doubt mean you’re broken as a leader? Leadership expert Marc A. Pitman says that doubt might mean you’re on the verge of greatness! In this session, he’ll show you why doubt is a normal part of leadership, and the surprising gift it can be if you have the courage to use it. In this [...]

The Surprising Gift of Doubt—Using Uncertainty to Become the Exceptional Leader You Were Meant To Be2022-03-16T17:13:05-04:00

Top Nonprofit Organizations on the Web


There are thousands of great nonprofits, but do you ever wonder which nonprofit organizations get the most traction on the web?  I did, which is why I have put in the countless hours into multiple editions of the semi-annual 100 Top Nonprofit Organizations List. Quality Metrics Not Opinion I saw no real value in simply spouting off my opinions as to which organizations are the best and assuming others should place great value in this (gasp, a millennial said that?).  I also didn't want to create a fantastic list while holding the formulas behind a shroud of mystery, so I chose a series [...]

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Hiring a Nonprofit Consultant? Keep These 5 Tips in Mind!


Do your fundraising strategies need a little freshening up? Is it time for some spring (or fall, summer, or winter) cleaning to get your organization’s operations back on track? If your nonprofit is taking on new challenges or experiencing changes,¹ a consultant might be the expert hand you need to guide your team to success no matter what lies ahead. The search for the right consulting firm can be a formidable task all on its own, so we’ve decided to outline the 5 most important tips every nonprofit should keep in mind when hiring one: Let your goals direct your consultant [...]

Hiring a Nonprofit Consultant? Keep These 5 Tips in Mind!2022-03-16T15:44:54-04:00
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