How to Plan a Successful School Fundraising Auction: 5 Tips


Your school needs a strong fundraising strategy to bring in extra revenue, engage your community members, and power your school’s mission. This is where a lively auction can help. Whether you’re hosting an auction in-person, virtually, or as a hybrid, you can rally supporters around your fundraising goals and engage students, parents, teachers, and community members alike. First, you need an auction fundraising plan. Taking the time to develop a blueprint for your auction ensures you have everything you need to pull off an unforgettable event. Use these top tips to plan a successful school fundraising auction: Determine your event [...]

How to Plan a Successful School Fundraising Auction: 5 Tips2023-07-24T17:13:35-04:00

Nonprofit Financial Audits: 5 Frequently Asked Questions


One of the main benefits of registering as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit is that your organization is exempt from paying most taxes. With this provision, you can reinvest all of your revenue back into your organization to help further your mission. However, it might lead you to wonder whether your nonprofit is also exempt from audits. Although the answer to that question is no, nonprofit audits tend to work differently from audits of businesses’ or individuals’ finances, which are usually conducted by the IRS. While there are occasional exceptions, most nonprofit financial audits occur independently of the IRS and are instead conducted by third-party auditors. [...]

Nonprofit Financial Audits: 5 Frequently Asked Questions2023-06-29T14:06:33-04:00

How Branded Donations Pages Differentiate Your Nonprofit


Donors who reach your donation page are at a critical point in their engagement. Your donation page’s content and presentation impact whether visitors give, how much they contribute, and whether they’ll donate again. One key way to capture donations and leave a lasting impression is through your brand identity. This is what sets you apart from other nonprofits and proves that your organization is worthy of donors’ support.  The best nonprofit websites incorporate a strong branding strategy in their donation page design. A well-crafted donation page can help in the following ways:  Reinforce your nonprofit’s mission and values. Expand your reach. [...]

How Branded Donations Pages Differentiate Your Nonprofit2023-05-18T23:40:11-04:00

8 Top Examples of Fundraising Flyers+Tips to Make Your Own


8 Top Examples of Fundraising Flyers+Tips to Make Your Own So, you have your fundraising idea locked down. Maybe you've drafted some fundraising letters to your community, but you're in search of new ways to spread the word. Look no further! Flyers are a tried-and-true advertising method to get the community engaged with your event and organization. If you see them as an outdated outreach method, we have great news for you. It's true that if you never update your tactics, your flyers will get stale and uninteresting. But, following these tips to refresh your fundraising flyers, you'll drive interest in your organization and attract [...]

8 Top Examples of Fundraising Flyers+Tips to Make Your Own2022-08-24T10:48:15-04:00

Nonprofit Industry Conferences + Professional Development Opportunities in 2021


‘Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.’ –Socrates Continued learning opportunities in the nonprofit sector are key to ensuring that its professionals are well-equipped to manage the day-to-day of organizations, hire and train (and, when necessary, fire) staff, and connect with and steward donors and other stakeholders. Whether you are new to the industry or have a long history of working for, or with, nonprofits there is always something you can learn from others. With the pandemic, came a lot of changes to the standing conferences that we relied on for learning and networking. [...]

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Be Ready for Disaster with an Emergency Relief Campaign


This post was originally published to DonorDrive’s Blog and is being shared with their permission. It’s said you can’t plan for a disaster. But really, you have to. It’s officially hurricane season and the nonprofits that have a plan in place are the ones most likely to get the donations when disaster strikes. In this article, we’ll focus on the basics that will make your emergency relief fundraising campaign thrive. Here’s our concise six-point plan: Set up a donation page immediately Explain the impact of the disaster and their donation Promote your campaign everywhere Update supporters constantly on disaster news and campaign [...]

Be Ready for Disaster with an Emergency Relief Campaign2023-05-18T23:57:08-04:00

Multi-Channel Fundraising: Tips for Your Nonprofit Website


As soon as people go online, they are instantly bombarded with messages from organizations and companies vying for their attention. How can you ensure that your nonprofit’s online marketing efforts shine through the noise? Fundraising leaders must not only continue engaging with existing donors but also recruit brand-new supporters. A tried and true method of improving marketing efforts is to use a multi-channel approach. Multi-channel fundraising involves using multiple marketing platforms to promote an upcoming fundraising campaign or event. When you use more than one medium to promote your message and connect with supporters, you increase the chances of being [...]

Multi-Channel Fundraising: Tips for Your Nonprofit Website2023-07-31T14:59:41-04:00

5 Ways to Up Your Networking Game


The pandemic has put all of our in-person events on hold, but here are some timeless tips you can work on now to up your game for when it’s safe to resume. Whether you have always been a wall-flower or a networking pro, now is as good a time as any to up your skills. And all of these suggestions can be applied to your current virtual events (and, as a bonus, you’ll already have an easy way to connect and follow up with everyone you meet, virtually!) Regardless of your feelings about such events, they do exist for some [...]

5 Ways to Up Your Networking Game2023-05-18T23:56:51-04:00

How to Talk about Legacy Giving Without Seeming Creepy


starting from scratch? Time to do something about it! Legacy giving programs often never get off the ground because people think talking about death is creepy. Yet right now people are questioning the meaning of life, and their own mortality, in a way that’s unprecedented. People are wondering: What will their legacy be? Just possibly they may wish part of their legacy to be supporting the causes they cared about during their lifetime. It’s not going to happen though, unless you begin the conversation. Maybe you, or your board, feel that discussing this with stakeholders during a pandemic is a “no-no.” [...]

How to Talk about Legacy Giving Without Seeming Creepy2023-05-18T23:56:43-04:00
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