Compensation Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations: 4 FAQs


Picture this: You’re a mid-size nonprofit with a tight budget. You’re doing your best to engage your employees and compensate them for the value they bring to your organization, but many leave after working with you for only a short amount of time. All of your efforts to retain your employees feel like attempting to hold water in a sieve. So, what do you do? While a strong retention strategy encompasses more than just pay and benefits, you may want to start by re-evaluating your compensation philosophy and approach with the help of an experienced compensation consultant. You may have worked [...]

Compensation Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations: 4 FAQs2023-12-01T09:45:08-05:00

5 Ways to Up Your Networking Game


The pandemic has put all of our in-person events on hold, but here are some timeless tips you can work on now to up your game for when it’s safe to resume. Whether you have always been a wall-flower or a networking pro, now is as good a time as any to up your skills. And all of these suggestions can be applied to your current virtual events (and, as a bonus, you’ll already have an easy way to connect and follow up with everyone you meet, virtually!) Regardless of your feelings about such events, they do exist for some [...]

5 Ways to Up Your Networking Game2023-05-18T23:56:51-04:00
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