Creating Meaningful Online Donor Experiences: 5 Strategies


The average internet user spends nearly seven hours online every day. Between keeping up with global news and connecting with loved ones on social media, your donors have countless reasons to be online. Considering the amount of time they spend on their devices, your nonprofit can tap into many opportunities to bring donors closer to your mission. In this guide, we’ll share five strategies for developing meaningful online donor experiences, including: Improve your website accessibility. Accept multiple ways to give. Encourage two-way communication on social media. Add virtual events to your calendar. Share appreciation and impact online. By strengthening your nonprofit’s online presence [...]

Creating Meaningful Online Donor Experiences: 5 Strategies2024-04-05T15:20:30-04:00

What Nonprofits Need to Know About Event Management Software


Imagine seamlessly organizing a gala, charity run, or community fundraiser with a tool that simplifies your workflow and maximizes impact. This is the power of event management software for nonprofits. With this software, you can turn complex logistics into smooth, well-executed events that exceed your organization's goals. In this article, we’ll discuss how to utilize event management software, its benefits, and how to choose one to ensure every event is a stepping stone toward your mission's success. How Can Nonprofits Use Event Management Software? Event management software enables nonprofits to organize, execute, and analyze their events efficiently. This technology streamlines processes, from [...]

What Nonprofits Need to Know About Event Management Software2024-03-22T08:25:27-04:00

4 Features to Look for in Museum Management Software


If you’re a leader at a museum, you know that managing this type of organization involves many moving parts. From developing educational content that engages visitors to building a membership program to collecting donations, a lot goes into creating a thriving museum. Fortunately, management becomes significantly simpler when you have the right tools on your side. To ensure your museum can meet its unique needs and achieve its goals, it’s important to leverage software specifically designed for cultural organizations. […]

4 Features to Look for in Museum Management Software2024-02-07T09:48:09-05:00

4 Key Ways Union Management Software Empowers Leadership


As a union leader, you likely wear many hats to keep your organization running smoothly. You need a software solution that can support your current operations and scale them over time. That’s why choosing an integrated union management software solution is essential to your union’s success. Leveraging a top-of-the-line software solution grants your union access to features that fit its unique needs. Let’s go over how to streamline your operations, improve your management tactics, and provide results to your members with the help of the right software solution. 1. Data Management Let’s face it: relying on paper records is usually a [...]

4 Key Ways Union Management Software Empowers Leadership2024-01-19T11:26:17-05:00

5 Ways Mobile Bidding Helps to Simplify Your Auction


As a nonprofit leader, you likely leverage a variety of digital tools to simplify your fundraising efforts. Not only does software streamline fundraising tasks for nonprofit staff members but it also creates a positive donor experience when supporters interact with it. Easy-to-use tools ultimately help nonprofits grow and retain donors for future support, which is why user-friendly software is a critical part of hosting an auction. In this guide, we’ll explore five ways your nonprofit can make its upcoming auction easier through mobile bidding software: Automated Bid Increments Remote Bidding Bid Notifications Transaction Recording Donor Data Collection From varying event formats to the [...]

5 Ways Mobile Bidding Helps to Simplify Your Auction2023-06-20T12:57:13-04:00

Building a Movement Around Your Mission with Technology


Donors have different expectations for nonprofits than they did just a few years ago. Today, supporters are interested in organizations they see making a difference in their communities and spreading awareness about their cause online. After all, one of the easiest ways to fuel a movement around your cause is with technology. From virtual events to social media campaigns, technology allows your nonprofit to connect with more supporters, boost participation, and make a difference through online advocacy. Of course, there are many worthwhile causes marketing themselves online, and building a community of passionate supporters takes more than a few emails.  To [...]

Building a Movement Around Your Mission with Technology2023-06-26T15:17:07-04:00

Assessing Silent Auction Software: 6 Things to Look For


Choosing the right event for your nonprofit to host can be a challenge. You need to find an event that supports your fundraising goals, donor stewardship initiatives, and overall supporter engagement, not to mention cultivating new donors. If you’ve decided to host a silent auction in conjunction with your next event, you’re already on the right track to creating an exciting opportunity to bring your community of supporters together and raise plenty of funds. A fundraising professional already has so much on their plate, from planning the auction to running other fundraisers. We totally get it. Using quality auction software will make your job [...]

Assessing Silent Auction Software: 6 Things to Look For2023-02-06T09:28:18-05:00

Choosing a CMS: 3 Tips for Your Nonprofit


A strong nonprofit website engages supporters, educates visitors about your mission, and accepts online donations. Since your website is such a vital component of your online outreach strategy, you’ll need to choose the right content management system (CMS) to build and manage it. You may be considering revamping your website by migrating it to a new system or creating a brand new site from scratch. Before making a decision, you’ll want to assess your needs and thoroughly research available platforms before making a decision. With that in mind, here are three tips to help you choose the right CMS for [...]

Choosing a CMS: 3 Tips for Your Nonprofit2022-08-30T11:19:58-04:00

How Can My Organization Leverage Analytics? Pro Bono Analytics


Analytics has become a buzzword that newspapers, magazines, blogs, and even television advertisements talk about. But, what is analytics, how can it help your nonprofit organization, and how can you get started? The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), the world’s largest professional society for advanced analytics, defines analytics as “the scientific process of transforming data into insight for making better decisions.” INFORMS has recently launched Pro Bono Analytics, where we match analytics professionals who are willing to volunteer their skills with nonprofit organizations that would benefit from their techniques. Our Pro Bono Analytics volunteers are experts at [...]

How Can My Organization Leverage Analytics? Pro Bono Analytics2019-10-07T06:24:19-04:00

New Nonprofit Technology? Have a plan!


  Tuesday’s #AppleEvent brought great news – two new iPhone models, the new Apple Watch and the Apple Pay. These much-anticipated releases didn’t fail to deliver great new bells and whistles, and with the Apple Watch, a completely new mobile technology with features that haven’t been grappled with.   Apple is known for its innovation and quality products. But they’re also the source of frustration for many companies who’ve got to shell out cash every time there’s a system update to make sure their apps are compatible.   It seems like there’s something new out every single month. And while it’s [...]

New Nonprofit Technology? Have a plan!2019-05-06T19:07:16-04:00
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