Diversifying Your Revenue: 3 Effective Ideas for Nonprofits


Picture this: as the new year begins, you review your nonprofit’s year-end donation revenue and realize you’ve fallen short of your projected fundraising goals. As fundraising reports have shown, end-of-year donations can account for up to 22% of a nonprofit's total annual fundraising, meaning potential shortfalls can have impacts on your programs for the rest of the year. Situations like this can happen, especially if unexpected circumstances arise. Fortunately, your nonprofit can mitigate situations like this by diversifying its revenue with a variety of fundraising sources outside of just donations.  Of course, acquiring donors and cultivating donations will continue to be [...]

Diversifying Your Revenue: 3 Effective Ideas for Nonprofits2022-11-03T15:43:45-04:00

5 Most Important Nonprofit Investment Statistics in 2022


As a nonprofit, your attention is likely focused on doing everything you can to serve your beneficiaries’ needs. Unfortunately, that often means that finances fall to the wayside, putting your altruistic efforts in jeopardy. Approximately 38% of nonprofit organizations are at risk of shutting their doors due to pandemic-related financial strain. As a result, it is crucial not only that you invest your operating and capital reserve funds, but also that you stay abreast of current investment and fundraising trends. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of current statistics relevant to nonprofit investing to help guide you through the process. [...]

5 Most Important Nonprofit Investment Statistics in 20222022-10-25T15:52:15-04:00

10 Internal Controls for Safe Nonprofit Finances


Nonprofit accounting is unique when compared to for-profit accounting. This is primarily because nonprofits agree to reinvest all of their revenue back into the mission at hand in exchange for tax-exempt status. This means nonprofits need to be a lot more transparent about their finances in order to ensure accountability to their generous donors. Due to this transparency and the need to be accountable to donors, nonprofits carefully implement internal controls designed to keep finances safe and prevent misuse. Internal controls are policies and decisions made to prevent the misappropriation of nonprofit funds. In this guide, we’ll dive into ten common [...]

10 Internal Controls for Safe Nonprofit Finances2022-08-24T10:57:05-04:00
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