Applying DEI Best Practices for Your Nonprofit


Racial inequality extends to all facets of life, including the nonprofit sector. While many may be tempted to deny this occurrence, nonprofit leaders can use this as an opportunity to champion the charge against inequality and lead by example within their own organizations. Whether we like it or not, many traditional fundraising practices create an inner circle of supporters. From exclusive events to donor recognition walls, our top tier donors (many of whom have similar backgrounds and privileges) are put on a pedestal and can become a highly exclusive group. As the sector pushes more and more for higher fundraising [...]

Applying DEI Best Practices for Your Nonprofit2021-10-21T11:20:13-04:00

How to Structure a Partnership with a For-Profit


Ever feel like you’re too busy searching for good fundraising ideas to consider the bigger picture and architect a partnership that will bring much greater financial and social impact to your organization? This webinar has been held. Watch it here: You owe it to yourself – and your organization – to join us as Bruce Burtch, one of the nation’s leading experts in the field of cross-sector partnerships and cause marketing, presents the keys to successful cross-sector partnerships. Bruce Burtch has helped for-profit and nonprofit organizations develop win-win partnerships which maximize their strategic marketing and fund development success. A nationally-recognized cause marketing expert, [...]

How to Structure a Partnership with a For-Profit2021-08-17T08:18:59-04:00

Your Content Calendar + Google Drive


This month’s Top Non-Profits podcast is all about Google Drive. We discuss how to leverage the powerful tools found within Google’s cloud based suite of tools (including Google spreadsheet, document and calendar) to make your organization’s content strategy shine. For starters, we dig deep into the spreadsheet tool. This is an obvious choice to build a content calendar… you know, dates in Column A and channels/topics in Row 1. But there is so. much. more. Check out this template from Bluewire media (it is formatted for 2015 but you get the idea). But the Google Drive spreadsheet tool goodness doesn’t [...]

Your Content Calendar + Google Drive2021-08-16T17:57:32-04:00

Facing Fear to Optimize Your Nonprofit Organization


The COVID-19 Crisis has pushed all of us into uncomfortable (if not worse) situations. In this interview, nonprofit expert Sherry Quam Taylor shares some practical advice on ways you can pivot conversations to optimize your fundraising, engagement, and organization. By Sherry Quam Taylor More Podcasts

Facing Fear to Optimize Your Nonprofit Organization2021-08-13T14:34:51-04:00

Virtual Board Meetings: The Quick Guide for Nonprofits


With the pandemic’s turbulent effects on society, nonprofits like yours are relying more than ever on their boards to overcome the financial constraints and community engagement challenges that arise. However, remote operations are the new norm thanks to social distancing recommendations, making effective board management challenging. Boards are struggling to collaborate, make important decisions, and generate community support. Thankfully, today’s technological landscape is rapidly advancing, and the best way to surpass these challenges is by going virtual! Virtual board meetings are the safest option to be mindful of any health concerns. There’s no need to worry about keeping six feet [...]

Virtual Board Meetings: The Quick Guide for Nonprofits2021-10-21T16:16:32-04:00

5 Volunteer Management Strategies Your Nonprofit Needs to Know


We recently broke down the basics of volunteer management, but to develop a truly engaging, rewarding volunteer program, you’ll need more than just a working knowledge of what volunteer management means. Looking to develop a volunteer program for the first time or take your existing volunteer management plan to the next level? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll talk through 5 strategies that can revolutionize your approach to volunteer management, each of which can help you increase volunteer engagement and retention. Try one of the following tips on its own or put all of them together for a truly [...]

5 Volunteer Management Strategies Your Nonprofit Needs to Know2019-12-16T16:27:39-05:00

Top Leadership Skills Sought by Today’s Nonprofit Boards


Whether a board is seeking to replace a retiring executive director or requesting a search for a new CEO to move their organization to greater levels of success, the leadership skills they are seeking are much different than those of traditional nonprofit leaders. As an executive search consultant for the nonprofit sector, I've noticed that boards are seeking chief executives with transformational leadership styles. Previously, boards placed a strong emphasis on recruiting executives who were passionate about the mission, experienced with grant writing, program development and had good management and community relationship skills. Though these skills remain important, the following are [...]

Top Leadership Skills Sought by Today’s Nonprofit Boards2019-11-24T20:34:10-05:00

Guide to Quickly Assessing Organization Culture & Politics


Organizational Culture Organizational culture (aka corporate culture or company culture) consists of the values, norms, and behavior of the people working within an organization and the meaning they attach to their actions and beliefs. Components of organizational culture include; Branding Symbols (icons, branding, awards, perks, etc) Values (stated and unstated) Beliefs (stated and unstated) Vision and mission statements Systems Traditions and habits  Organizational Politics Organizational politics (aka workplace politics or office politics) is when people find ways to gain advantages (e.g. access to resources, preferential treatment, power) that surpass one's valid authority. Some form of manipulation is usually at the center of organizational politics [...]

Guide to Quickly Assessing Organization Culture & Politics2019-11-20T23:10:43-05:00

Recruiting for a Diverse, Multicultural Team


No one wants to believe that they or their company has bias, especially nonprofit organizations whose purpose is to do social good. But, it happens. Conscious or unconscious bias may reduce your openness to people who are different from you, and in turn, can dramatically affect your hiring process.   Research over the past eleven years has repeatedly demonstrated a tilted field in nonprofit hiring, especially in senior executive and development level positions. Despite this knowledge, the percentages seem to show little movement.   Instead of rehashing the statistics, here are several immediate, introductory steps that can improve diversity within your [...]

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Pro Bono: Who’s doing it …and how can you get it?


  A new study from the Taproot Foundation shows just how important pro bono service has become in the nonprofit community and how this form of giving is actually a win-win for both the corporations and your nonprofit. Taproot’s mission is “to drive social change by leading, mobilizing, and engaging professionals in pro bono service.” The Foundation’s recent annual and global event, “Pro Bono Week” (Oct. 19-25) reinforced that pro bono services may be the perfect opportunity to spare your budget, while still getting quality services from various industries.   According to Giving in Numbers: 2014 Edition (a report from the [...]

Pro Bono: Who’s doing it …and how can you get it?2019-09-19T01:01:34-04:00
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