Understanding the 4 Key Nonprofit Financial Roles: A Guide


Nonprofits are typically composed of hardworking professionals who wear many hats. While each staff member may have a specific title like “fundraising director” or “project manager,” they often take on a wider range of responsibilities. This could mean handling tasks from donor communications to procurement to event planning to accomplish everything that needs to be done to further the organization’s mission. However, some areas of nonprofit work require more specialization. In particular, effective financial management relies on having experts on your team with specific skills and knowledge in that area. That’s right, experts, plural. In this guide, we’ll cover the four financial roles your [...]

Understanding the 4 Key Nonprofit Financial Roles: A Guide2024-02-13T16:48:49-05:00

4 Key Ways Union Management Software Empowers Leadership


As a union leader, you likely wear many hats to keep your organization running smoothly. You need a software solution that can support your current operations and scale them over time. That’s why choosing an integrated union management software solution is essential to your union’s success. Leveraging a top-of-the-line software solution grants your union access to features that fit its unique needs. Let’s go over how to streamline your operations, improve your management tactics, and provide results to your members with the help of the right software solution. 1. Data Management Let’s face it: relying on paper records is usually a [...]

4 Key Ways Union Management Software Empowers Leadership2024-01-19T11:26:17-05:00

5 Essential Benefits of Employee Training for Nonprofits


The nonprofit sector is filled with shifting best practices, emerging technology solutions, and noteworthy trends. To continue generating a meaningful impact on the lives of those you serve, you and your staff members need to adopt a mindset for continuous learning, whether that’s researching cryptocurrency donations or exploring how to inspire birthday fundraisers on your nonprofit’s behalf. By investing in employee training opportunities, your nonprofit can equip its staff with the latest tips and tools for success. But if you’re tight on funds, it can be challenging to make room for training in the budget. In this guide, we’ll cover five reasons why [...]

5 Essential Benefits of Employee Training for Nonprofits2024-01-02T15:51:00-05:00

What is Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud? A Quick Breakdown


For most nonprofits, their constituent relationship management (CRM) software serves as the foundation of their technology stack. Your nonprofit’s CRM houses important data like supporter information, donation records, and program results, so it’s vital that you use a CRM system that can scale with your organization’s needs. That’s where Salesforce comes in. If you’ve considered Salesforce for your organization, you may have heard terms like Salesforce for Nonprofits, Nonprofit Cloud, and NPSP. Salesforce is one of the top CRM providers for nonprofits, but the array of products can be confusing if you don’t know where to start. To help you get a better [...]

What is Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud? A Quick Breakdown2023-11-03T19:01:56-04:00

3 Self-Care Tips for Hardworking Nonprofit Professionals


Nonprofit professionals work hard to push their organization’s missions forward, whether that’s through hosting events or creating marketing materials. However, because of all the hard work they do, they’re at higher risk of developing burnout at their jobs. That’s where self-care comes in—by taking care of your needs, you’ll be able to stay engaged and do right by your beneficiaries. This guide includes self-care tips nonprofit leaders can use to create a more positive nonprofit working experience for their employees. We’ll also include tips from the for-profit world to help mitigate burnout. Let’s get started! 1. Manage work time effectively. For many nonprofit [...]

3 Self-Care Tips for Hardworking Nonprofit Professionals2023-10-20T17:44:51-04:00

What Should Growing Nonprofits Look For in a CRM? 4 Features


As your nonprofit expands, you will need more advanced tools and technology to manage supporter relationships, streamline operations, and measure impact. One such tool is a customer relationship management (CRM) system. A CRM allows you to track, store, and analyze data related to your supporters and day-to-day operations. However, not all CRMs are created equal, and finding one that aligns with your nonprofit’s evolving needs can be a challenge. In this guide, we’ll explore five essential features that growing organizations should look for in a CRM. Whether you’re new to CRMs or looking for an upgrade, these insights will help you choose the [...]

What Should Growing Nonprofits Look For in a CRM? 4 Features2023-09-01T18:47:06-04:00

How to Use Data Management to Forecast Fundraising Revenue


Before renting an apartment or purchasing a car, you would first decide whether you can afford the purchase. For major everyday purchases like these, affordability is determined by comparing your income to the cost, and the same is true for nonprofit budgets. Since nonprofits depend on charitable donations, their income may seem unpredictable. However, your nonprofit can use its data to predict the results of your future fundraisers. In this guide, we’ll explore three data management tips to help your nonprofit forecast fundraising revenue: Expand your nonprofit’s database Identify revenue patterns Analyze past fundraising results When you manage your data responsibly, [...]

How to Use Data Management to Forecast Fundraising Revenue2023-06-21T09:51:34-04:00

501(c)(3) Checklist: Preparing for Nonprofit Status


If you’re looking into starting a nonprofit, you’re likely passionate about a particular cause. You have a plan to solve an issue or help a group of people and you want to take action to make a difference. You know that your first step is creating a nonprofit and you start by establishing a brand, building a website, and getting the word out. Filing IRS documents might be the last thing you think to do in the startup phase, but the legal and accounting aspects of your organization are crucial from the very beginning. Follow these four steps to gain a [...]

501(c)(3) Checklist: Preparing for Nonprofit Status2023-02-27T08:39:54-05:00

10 Internal Controls for Safe Nonprofit Finances


Nonprofit accounting is unique when compared to for-profit accounting. This is primarily because nonprofits agree to reinvest all of their revenue back into the mission at hand in exchange for tax-exempt status. This means nonprofits need to be a lot more transparent about their finances in order to ensure accountability to their generous donors. Due to this transparency and the need to be accountable to donors, nonprofits carefully implement internal controls designed to keep finances safe and prevent misuse. Internal controls are policies and decisions made to prevent the misappropriation of nonprofit funds. In this guide, we’ll dive into ten common [...]

10 Internal Controls for Safe Nonprofit Finances2022-08-24T10:57:05-04:00

Compliance Essentials: 4 Things for New Nonprofits to Know


Fundraising is a core component of any nonprofit. It enables you to cultivate a community, work toward your cause, and create new mission initiatives. Picture this: you’ve gathered your resources and supporters into the beginning stages of a nonprofit organization. You’re all fired up, and inspired to start fundraising for your organization’s cause. But how do you get started with nonprofit compliance laws? Don’t let the complexities of government nonprofit compliance requirements hold you back from embarking on your nonprofit’s fundraising journey! Although this is not an exhaustive list, this article can serve as a guide for what to look out for [...]

Compliance Essentials: 4 Things for New Nonprofits to Know2023-05-18T23:42:11-04:00
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