5 SEO Tips to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Online Visibility


In a 2022 study conducted by HubSpot, organic search was ranked the top source of website traffic for all of the 1,600-plus participating organizations. Organic search, or natural search, refers to the results on a search engine that are not influenced by paid ads. In other words, these results are the content that appears first on the page (or the “top-ranking” pages) that isn’t marked with a “Sponsored” flag. To attract more organic search traffic, your website should have high-quality, useful content that includes keywords relevant to your mission to encourage the search engine to rank the pages for those terms. Then, potential supporters search those keywords, [...]

5 SEO Tips to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Online Visibility2024-07-09T16:22:57-04:00

Why Donors Love Direct Mail: 4 Key Differentiators


As you build out your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy for the year, you may be wondering whether or not you should include direct mail. After all, this channel can be more costly than other avenues and may feel antiquated in today’s digital age. However, the return on investment (ROI) for direct mail marketing remains strong, with some marketers reporting up to 112% ROI.  This is due in part to the fact that donors genuinely enjoy receiving direct mail, for four key reasons. In this article, we’ll explore each of the following differentiators that make direct mail such an effective fundraising channel: 1. It’s tangible. One [...]

Why Donors Love Direct Mail: 4 Key Differentiators2024-01-29T13:17:31-05:00

5 Essential Elements for a Strong Nonprofit Website


Your website is one of the most important tools your nonprofit has at its disposal. It’s a marketing, fundraising, and educational resource all in one! However, not all nonprofits use their websites to their fullest potential. As a result, they may miss out on additional support that they could easily secure with simple fixes to their website. Make sure your website serves its purpose and provides value to your supporters. Whether you’re creating your nonprofit’s website from scratch or just revamping it, including the following nonprofit website elements will ensure your site is a complete and useful resource. 1. Mission Statement Your mission statement encapsulates [...]

5 Essential Elements for a Strong Nonprofit Website2023-12-12T16:06:43-05:00

Creating a Consistent Brand Voice in Your Text Messages


Text-to-give is a great way for your organization to boost revenue and connect with supporters. However, if your messages don’t feel authentic and relevant to your target audience, you might struggle to convert subscribers into active donors of your cause. This is where creating a consistent brand voice can help. Your branding helps supporters understand who your organization is, what you stand for, and why your nonprofit is worthy of donors’ support. By using a consistent brand voice in your text messages, you can increase trust with supporters, build stronger donor relationships, and inspire giving at a large scale. Use these top tips [...]

Creating a Consistent Brand Voice in Your Text Messages2023-07-14T12:07:52-04:00

Breaking the Mold: 5 Memorable Nonprofit Video Examples


If you want to make people fall in love with your nonprofit, look no further than video. The combination of compelling storytelling, emotional imagery, and immersive audio creates a lasting impression on viewers, inspiring them to take action and support your mission to enact positive change in the world. In this guide, we’ll showcase some of the most impactful nonprofit videos to guide your content creation journey, including: “Welcome to KIPP Texas Public Schools” - KIPP "One Billion Meals Challenge" - Feeding America “Water Changes Everything” - charity: water “Blue’s Story” - ASPCA Whether you’re creating your first nonprofit video or you’re a seasoned pro, [...]

Breaking the Mold: 5 Memorable Nonprofit Video Examples2023-06-20T14:19:11-04:00

5 Steps to Find Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Audience


When it comes to building your nonprofit’s social media strategy, you have many platforms and methods at your disposal for engaging supporters online. Just like your supporters, no two social media websites are exactly alike. While the Pew Research Center indicates that 72% of the American public uses some type of social media, it’s not surprising that users of different generations prefer to spend their time on different platforms. If your organization is looking to boost your marketing campaign's reach via social media, it pays to be deliberate about how and where you devote your efforts. In this guide, we’ll walk [...]

5 Steps to Find Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Audience2023-06-22T11:28:32-04:00

Share Your Mission: Empowering Your Nonprofit’s Storytellers


What draws people to your nonprofit, inspires action, and rallies support? The stories you tell. Storytelling is how humans connect, build relationships, learn, and share. Storytelling is how people know who you are. It’s part of branding, but even more, it’s part of developing strong connections with supporters and your community. Nonprofit storytelling is a crucial part of both fundraising and marketing your organization, but it extends beyond the development or marketing departments. From program staff to volunteers, from board members to media contacts, your community is full of people telling your stories. But how do you empower them to be the best [...]

Share Your Mission: Empowering Your Nonprofit’s Storytellers2023-04-13T11:32:13-04:00

8 Top Examples of Fundraising Flyers+Tips to Make Your Own


8 Top Examples of Fundraising Flyers+Tips to Make Your Own So, you have your fundraising idea locked down. Maybe you've drafted some fundraising letters to your community, but you're in search of new ways to spread the word. Look no further! Flyers are a tried-and-true advertising method to get the community engaged with your event and organization. If you see them as an outdated outreach method, we have great news for you. It's true that if you never update your tactics, your flyers will get stale and uninteresting. But, following these tips to refresh your fundraising flyers, you'll drive interest in your organization and attract [...]

8 Top Examples of Fundraising Flyers+Tips to Make Your Own2022-08-24T10:48:15-04:00

“Getting” Linkedin Groups


Belonging is an important human attribute human attribute. The corner deli, the pub, the coffee shop--those “third places” where people gather have significance. Online, social plays that role virtually. Professionally, LinkedIn is a leader for connecting with relevant career contacts. It’s also a place to find others with similar interests.   Joining Linkedin groups is a great way to get your organization’s events, projects, mission, and people before new audiences--particularly those targeted to niches where your cause or aligned activities may have traction. There’s a group on LinkedIn for virtually every academic, cause-related, professional, and hobby-related interest. It’s worth your while to [...]

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Free (or Almost-free!) Graphic Design Tools to Boost Your Digital Presence


Whether you’re trying to spice up a blog post, or need some graphic elements to add to an upcoming presentation to your board, digital assets are a great addition. Unfortunately, those things have a cost – and because they’re realistically considered art, the price tag can be a bit steep.   Lucky for us, the internet exists, and there are tons of free websites that offer simple graphic design elements and editing programs for free or for basically free. Images and graphics can enhance print and digital elements, so it’s a really great idea to investigate how you can use these [...]

Free (or Almost-free!) Graphic Design Tools to Boost Your Digital Presence2019-02-14T14:00:11-05:00
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