Understanding the 4 Key Nonprofit Financial Roles: A Guide


Nonprofits are typically composed of hardworking professionals who wear many hats. While each staff member may have a specific title like “fundraising director” or “project manager,” they often take on a wider range of responsibilities. This could mean handling tasks from donor communications to procurement to event planning to accomplish everything that needs to be done to further the organization’s mission. However, some areas of nonprofit work require more specialization. In particular, effective financial management relies on having experts on your team with specific skills and knowledge in that area. That’s right, experts, plural. In this guide, we’ll cover the four financial roles your [...]

Understanding the 4 Key Nonprofit Financial Roles: A Guide2024-02-13T16:48:49-05:00

GivingTuesday for Nonprofits: FAQs + 5 Tips to Stand Out


The end of the calendar year is the most important time for fundraising. Research shows that about 30 percent of nonprofit donations take place in December, and the holiday season tends to create a spirit of generosity among nonprofit supporters. It’s critical for your organization to start developing your year-end fundraising strategy early to bring in as much funding during this time as possible. A great way to kick off the year-end giving season is by launching a campaign for GivingTuesday. This worldwide celebration of generosity toward nonprofit causes can help your organization raise a lot of revenue and engage your entire supporter base. Read [...]

GivingTuesday for Nonprofits: FAQs + 5 Tips to Stand Out2023-08-31T15:58:31-04:00

Building a Responsive Nonprofit Website Design: 3 Tips


Your nonprofit might have strong web content that speaks to your mission, but is your website design user-friendly and accessible to all visitors? A responsive website design can make all the difference in determining whether your supporters stick around to learn more about your organization or leave because of a poor user experience. As you build out your website, it’s important to not only consider what type of content you include on your website, but how you display it to your audience. The “how” ties into the layout of your pages and how easily supporters can find the exact content they’re [...]

Building a Responsive Nonprofit Website Design: 3 Tips2023-06-23T16:40:44-04:00

What Really Happens When Your Nonprofit Starts Tracking Time


Running a nonprofit is no easy business. It requires hard work to raise funds, hire and retain talent, and ultimately, deliver on your mission. Whether you're working to reduce poverty, improve access to healthcare, or advocate on behalf of a religious, political, or spiritual movement — time and budgets are limited. That being said, how do you determine which programs are the most beneficial to your organization? While it can be relatively simple to analyze the positive impact of a specific program or campaign, it's not always so easy to understand the true costs of the work your team performs. That's [...]

What Really Happens When Your Nonprofit Starts Tracking Time2019-10-19T23:32:59-04:00

3 Keys to Setting Up Your Fundraising Calendar for Success


Now that the 2015 giving season is over, you’re probably knee deep into planning your fundraising calendar for 2016. We invited special guest Brad Davies, Fundraising Expert from NextAfter to share his experience and talk through a specific strategy on how to grow your organization this year and turn your 2016 fundraising goals into a reality. Brad Davies is an online fundraising expert who was the project director of the “Online Fundraising Scorecard” which looked at the online giving habits of 250 charities, 100 of which are on the Chronical of Philanthropy’s 400 list. Brad has consulted with hundreds of organizations [...]

3 Keys to Setting Up Your Fundraising Calendar for Success2019-10-19T05:47:12-04:00

Your Guide to #GivingTuesday


You’re sitting in your office on November 21st. You’re fielding texts from your mom about what time your flight home lands. At the very moment you begin to map out your Turkey Day plate real estate (mashed potatoes at 3:00, green beans at 9:00, please), you scroll across a teaser for a #GivingTuesday donation match a partner organization has organized and that feeling sinks in. You missed the #GivingTuesday boat. Again. #sad That was 2016. And here we are in 2017… the #GivingTuesday planning you vowed to map out in August has gone by the way of your hydration and decluttering [...]

Your Guide to #GivingTuesday2019-07-23T13:18:11-04:00

So You Want to Break Up with Your Current Online Engagement Tool…


This post was originally published on Firefly Partner's blog, and is being shared with their permission. If the title of this blog post resonates with you, you have lots of company. Most nonprofit organizations have a degree of dissatisfaction with their online engagement tool – primarily because there is no perfect platform.  Advocacy, email marketing, events, fundraising, eCommerce, and CRM are all fairly standard components of an online engagement program at most organizations.  These elements are really critical to the success and core functions of the modern nonprofit.  You just want to provide a great experience for your supporters and use [...]

So You Want to Break Up with Your Current Online Engagement Tool…2019-06-13T09:34:02-04:00

7 Areas of Focus to Achieving Transparency, Accountability, and High Performance


Nonprofit organizations do so many things really well:  First of all…they impact lives! Every. Single. Day.  The paid staff and leadership for nonprofits work tirelessly long hours and often get paid much less than they could if they worked in the private or corporate sector.  Or, maybe they’re a volunteer board member serving faithfully.  Either way, all involved give liberally of who they are for the mission. For nonprofits to break free of traditional constraints and transform into high-performing, high-growth organizations, there is a need to clearly define what limits growth and become intentional with solutions to effectively expand these limits.  [...]

7 Areas of Focus to Achieving Transparency, Accountability, and High Performance2019-06-08T04:18:50-04:00

The Rise of the Connected Donor: Why Digital Matters More Than Ever


Today’s donors are very tech savvy. Almost two-thirds of us are now smartphone owners – even the boomer generation has embraced them – and these devices are a primary access point to the online world for many. The use of paper checks continues to decline in favor of electronic payment methods and credit/debit cards. In fact, since 2013, mobile giving to a charity’s websites has increased by 80 percent. We are a digital society. Source: creditcards.com As connected individuals, the donors of today are more impulse-driven, they’re on the go and they expect great experiences – or they will walk away. From shopping, to dating, to [...]

The Rise of the Connected Donor: Why Digital Matters More Than Ever2019-03-30T11:48:06-04:00

5 Small Changes That May Save Your Nonprofit Event


Every nonprofit event has some hiccups, so we’ve come to expect them. But imagine if you didn’t have to stop five, ten, or a dozen times throughout your event to troubleshoot the guest list, or fix a data entry error. Imagine how much faster registration and check-out would move. How much of that time could be better spent giving the best service possible to your guests? All it takes is a tiny bit more preparation, practice, and organization. Make these five small changes to your process, and you’ll find you can breathe much easier on the big night.   Maintain Physical [...]

5 Small Changes That May Save Your Nonprofit Event2019-03-26T19:21:44-04:00
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