Volunteer Retention: 5 Tips for Earning Long-Term Support


Whether you’re planning an advocacy campaign, a new program, or an online donation drive, your nonprofit needs volunteers. But are the volunteers you recruit sticking around? Volunteer recruitment is a challenge for many nonprofits, but fortunately, there’s a simple solution: keep as many of the volunteers you currently have as possible. Of course, this is easier said than done unless you have a reliable volunteer retention strategy. To help your nonprofit create just that, we’ll explore some tips for cultivating long-term volunteer support. But first, let’s dive into just why retaining volunteers matters so much. Why does volunteer retention matter? Volunteer retention [...]

Volunteer Retention: 5 Tips for Earning Long-Term Support2024-06-03T15:36:49-04:00

Planning a Grassroots Advocacy Campaign for Your Nonprofit


To further your nonprofit’s mission, sometimes you need to take direct action. Whether that means creating a public petition or hosting a rally to draw attention to your cause, your supporters will play a vital role in the success of your chosen advocacy efforts. That’s why many organizations choose to launch grassroots campaigns — advocacy initiatives designed to encourage large numbers of supporters at the local level to advocate for change. This article will explore the basics of grassroots advocacy and the steps your nonprofit can take to plan your own campaign. What is a grassroots advocacy campaign? Grassroots advocacy campaigns are organized efforts that [...]

Planning a Grassroots Advocacy Campaign for Your Nonprofit2024-03-26T13:05:11-04:00

Acts of Service: How Volunteering Supports Your Faith


Imagine this: You see an advertisement for a nonprofit with a compelling case for support. The organization’s mission resonates with you and you’re deeply moved by their work. If you’re looking for a practical way to align your faith with your support for this cause, volunteering is a great way to do it. In this guide, we’ll explore three ways you can support a nonprofit cause and strengthen your personal faith: Connect with like-minded believers Put your faith into practice Gain a sense of purpose If the nonprofit’s mission aligns with your religious beliefs, you’ll find fulfilling work through volunteer opportunities [...]

Acts of Service: How Volunteering Supports Your Faith2023-11-06T11:42:27-05:00

4 DIY Fundraising Ideas to Share With Your Volunteers


More and more nonprofits are implementing DIY (do-it-yourself) fundraising in their yearly fundraising strategy–and for good reason! DIY fundraising offers your nonprofit a more hands-off approach and gives the reins to your most loyal supporters. In turn, your supporters can create an engaging, creative campaign that pulls in more support for your nonprofit! This style of peer-to-peer fundraising can boost your organization’s revenue, expand your reach, and help your supporters feel more connected to your organization. According to the 2022 Giving Experience Study, social giving–which includes DIY and peer-to-peer fundraising– continues to grow. 1 in 3 US adults said they [...]

4 DIY Fundraising Ideas to Share With Your Volunteers2022-11-03T15:42:27-04:00

The Complete Volunteer Scheduling Checklist for Nonprofits


As any volunteer manager knows, volunteer scheduling is a fundamental part of the day-to-day operations of all nonprofit volunteer programs. Knowing how, when, and where to break down the system of responsibilities for your volunteers will determine the quality of their experience as well as the success of your events. That being said, for being so essential, the volunteer scheduling process can be a bit of a pain. Not only is it often tedious and time-consuming, but many volunteer coordinators are missing out on opportunities to leverage the power of volunteer scheduling to its fullest potential. Luckily, the fix to [...]

The Complete Volunteer Scheduling Checklist for Nonprofits2023-05-18T23:58:31-04:00

Lead Gift Committees: Success with High-Powered Volunteers


Capital campaigns often recruit volunteers to help with various functions. You might have a campaign steering committee, a kick-off committee, a committee to oversee the feasibility study, and a lead gift committee. But sometimes, managing campaign volunteers may seem like more work than it is worth. Volunteer committees do require lots of work to make them function well. And when they don’t work well, they can undermine the success of your campaign. Plus, volunteers can become frustrated and unhappy when they think they are just window dressing and don’t have anything valuable to add to the campaign. Why Go to [...]

Lead Gift Committees: Success with High-Powered Volunteers2021-10-21T16:54:10-04:00

10 Tricks for Nonprofit Employees to Avoid Work Burnout


Sometimes there’s a story we tell collectively. When nonprofit colleagues were asked for their candid suggestions on how to avoid burnout, they got right to the core. Having worked in the trenches in some way with each of these pros reconfirmed for me that there’s nothing like the camaraderie and resourcefulness of those who work in this sector. We can’t do it alone, but we can certainly get through the demands and unexpected challenges of this work with dignity, recognition, and zeal. 10 Tricks to Avoid Burnout 1. Stay on mission. Remind yourself of the organization’s purpose and keep your eye [...]

10 Tricks for Nonprofit Employees to Avoid Work Burnout2023-08-30T16:24:18-04:00
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