Thousands of companies⁠—from Fortune 500 businesses to local mom-and-pop shops⁠—offer employee or corporate matching gift programs. Essentially, they offer to match donations made by individual team members to eligible nonprofit causes.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of funding made available through these programs is actually being contributed to qualifying organizations. And the largest obstacles to success have to do with a widespread lack of awareness on the part of nonprofits and their donors. In order to combat these roadblocks and close the knowledge (and funding) gaps, nonprofits are beginning to take on a more direct approach to communicating the opportunities at hand.

As you might imagine, the varying extents of matching gift promotions can lead to significant disparities in overall match funding success⁠—which is why we decided to take a closer look at some of the leading organizations’ matching gift digital strategies to see what we can learn.

Ready to dive in? Download our free comprehensive research report published in 2023 to explore the digital matching gift strategies employed by 30 of the largest peer-to-peer fundraising organizations in the sector.


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