10 Internal Controls for Safe Nonprofit Finances


Nonprofit accounting is unique when compared to for-profit accounting. This is primarily because nonprofits agree to reinvest all of their revenue back into the mission at hand in exchange for tax-exempt status. This means nonprofits need to be a lot more transparent about their finances in order to ensure accountability to their generous donors. Due to this transparency and the need to be accountable to donors, nonprofits carefully implement internal controls designed to keep finances safe and prevent misuse. Internal controls are policies and decisions made to prevent the misappropriation of nonprofit funds. In this guide, we’ll dive into ten common [...]

10 Internal Controls for Safe Nonprofit Finances2022-08-24T10:57:05-04:00

Nonprofit QuickBooks Q&A with Gregg Bossen


I'll be the first to admit that QuickBooks and accounting, in general, is not my favorite part of running an organization. I also recognize that it is an area of improvement for most nonprofits. For this reason, I sought out someone who specializes in helping nonprofits successfully leverage Quickbooks. Gregg Bossen is a practicing CPA with a full-service accounting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in Nonprofits using QuickBooks. Since 2000, Gregg has been teaching QuickBooks seminars around the country and is considered to be the Nation’s expert when it comes to Nonprofits that use QuickBooks. Gregg’s teaching style is [...]

Nonprofit QuickBooks Q&A with Gregg Bossen2019-01-03T16:45:18-05:00
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