HR Audits at Nonprofit Organizations: Getting Started


Tackling an HR Audit may not be at the top of your priorities list, but such initiatives offer significant benefits to you in managing your business operations and organizational success, not to mention the value of ensuring legal compliance.   This blog covers the following topics: Why Conduct an HR Audit Choosing the Best Professional to Lead Your Audit Basics of Conducting an HR Audit Audit Triggering Events After reviewing this information, you will be better situated to embark on your own comprehensive review.  Why Conduct an HR Audit RealHR Solutions defines HR Audits as an in-depth review of your organization’s people [...]

HR Audits at Nonprofit Organizations: Getting Started2022-10-03T11:09:44-04:00

Compliance Essentials: 4 Things for New Nonprofits to Know


Fundraising is a core component of any nonprofit. It enables you to cultivate a community, work toward your cause, and create new mission initiatives. Picture this: you’ve gathered your resources and supporters into the beginning stages of a nonprofit organization. You’re all fired up, and inspired to start fundraising for your organization’s cause. But how do you get started with nonprofit compliance laws? Don’t let the complexities of government nonprofit compliance requirements hold you back from embarking on your nonprofit’s fundraising journey! Although this is not an exhaustive list, this article can serve as a guide for what to look out for [...]

Compliance Essentials: 4 Things for New Nonprofits to Know2022-08-29T17:29:21-04:00

Choosing a CMS: 3 Tips for Your Nonprofit


A strong nonprofit website engages supporters, educates visitors about your mission, and accepts online donations. Since your website is such a vital component of your online outreach strategy, you’ll need to choose the right content management system (CMS) to build and manage it. You may be considering revamping your website by migrating it to a new system or creating a brand new site from scratch. Before making a decision, you’ll want to assess your needs and thoroughly research available platforms before making a decision. With that in mind, here are three tips to help you choose the right CMS for [...]

Choosing a CMS: 3 Tips for Your Nonprofit2022-08-30T11:19:58-04:00

Purpose, Incorporated [Book Review]


John Wood proclaims cause and capitalism are not mutually exclusive concepts in his latest book, Purpose, Incorporated, Turning Cause Into Your Competitive Advantage. A pioneer in philanthropy who helped define the term social entrepreneur, John Wood demonstrates how to infuse purpose into your company, your career, and your life. John challenges Milton Friedman’s edict that profit reigns supreme. In today’s marketplace competing for top millennial talent, the philanthropic fabric of a company’s culture matters. The four Ps of marketing (Price, Product, Promotion, and Place) still prevail, but John makes a case for a fifth P, Purpose, that is changing the corporate [...]

Purpose, Incorporated [Book Review]2019-11-17T20:48:50-05:00

Corporate Partnership Q&A: Marriott + Children’s Miracle Network


Corporate partnerships between nonprofits and businesses can be incredibly beneficial to both parties. To provide a peek behind the curtain, this is the first in a series of interview-style articles where we will explore successful corporate partnerships from both the business and the nonprofit perspectives. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and Marriott International have an incredible partnership spanning more than three decades. With me today, are John Lauck from CMN Hospitals and Amy Moyer from Marriott International to tell us a little more. Craig: Thank you both for being willing to share with us. Tell us a little about each of your roles? [...]

Corporate Partnership Q&A: Marriott + Children’s Miracle Network2021-08-28T10:43:10-04:00

Fishing and Hunting Organizations


When considering the types of charities an often overlooked subgroup of Animal Charities is the Hunting and Fishing Organizations.  These are primarily member based organizations that seek to serve as advocacy groups for sportsmen (hunters, trappers, or fishermen). Game and habitat conservation typically are part of the missions of hunting and fishing organizations as well, as it is important to ensure that there remain healthy populations of game for future generations.  There are a couple of broad-based fishing and hunting organizations but you will notice that most tend to specialize around a particular game type. Ducks Unlimited Hunting organization Website | $35 annual membership fee [...]

Fishing and Hunting Organizations2021-08-28T10:43:34-04:00

5 Ways to Grow Online Giving


Nonprofits are using online giving to raise money. Having the capability for online donations  backed by strong marketing tactics are essential for any nonprofit organization. In Leading nonprofits are raising more money online than ever before, Mashable and Matt Petronzio analyze the  2015 M+R Benchmarks Study. The study revealed that nonprofits raised $413 million in donations last year. How are nonprofits gaining such great donations? In 10 Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits, Nonprofit Tech for Good looks at how nonprofit organizations are becoming successful online. Here are 5 ways that nonprofits are raising strong donations and gaining support. Embed the donation [...]

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5 Tips to Write the Ultimate Nonprofit Cover Letter Webinar


REGISTRATION LINK Tired of shotgunning fundraising job applications and getting nowhere? What if the problem is your cover letter? Are you wondering how to make your cover letter stand out? How can you show your connection to this cause in your cover letter?   Learning Objectives What they never taught you about cover letters How writing appeal letters is actually really good practice for writing fundraising cover letters When to bullet your accomplishments-and when not to How to show that you’ve got what it takes How to connect directly with the reader of your cover letter and make them want to [...]

5 Tips to Write the Ultimate Nonprofit Cover Letter Webinar2019-07-23T13:37:41-04:00

When Process Kills Productivity


Fast Company recently 5 Ways that process can kill production in your organization "Empowering"...but loads of approvals and red tape. It is not empowering to be given more responsibility, but still be required to get countless approvals and sign-offs to get things done. This communicates a lack of trust. Focused on process instead of people: By trying to standardize everything, leaders often strip out personalized approaches and look to processes to solve problems--which rarely works. This communicates a lack of humanity. Death by meetings: Productive teamwork does not require meetings for every single action or decision. This wastes valuable time and communicates that politics have [...]

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