Celebrate Generosity: Honoring Capital Campaign Major Givers


Capital campaigns are major undertakings that will require investment and involvement from your nonprofit’s entire community. In particular, your organization’s major givers will play a pivotal role in the success of these large-scale projects. Not only will major givers provide significant financial support to your campaign, but they can also offer their expertise and guidance during the planning process and act as ambassadors for your cause, inspiring others to give. Clearly, your major givers will be instrumental in helping your organization achieve its capital campaign goals. So, to ensure that they feel appreciated and seen for all they do for your campaign, you [...]

Celebrate Generosity: Honoring Capital Campaign Major Givers2023-05-24T14:14:20-04:00

Top KPIs for Healthcare Organizations to Demonstrate Impact


The word “quality” gets tossed around a lot within healthcare, and it can mean different things to different people. In fact, quality for a patient likely translates to the amount of wait time in an exam room or their doctor’s bedside manner.  But when primary care providers think of quality they may consider whether all of their patients have made their scheduled appointments or received necessary vaccinations. Similarly, hospital donors may look at quality more holistically and want to know how their contributions are furthering clinical effectiveness and patient satisfaction.  Healthcare KPIs (key performance metrics) bridge the gap between all of [...]

Top KPIs for Healthcare Organizations to Demonstrate Impact2023-05-22T13:57:13-04:00

5 Nonprofit Auction Item Ideas That Appeal to Younger Donors


Younger generations of supporters are essential to your nonprofit’s future. Millennials (born between 1981-1996) and Generation Z (born between 1997-2012) are major audiences for nonprofits looking for dedicated donors and volunteers, as they tend to be socially conscious and want to create positive change by supporting causes that align with their values. To make a strong impression on these supporter segments, consider how you can appeal specifically to younger generations through your nonprofit’s events. For example, auctions are a popular and lucrative fundraising event for many nonprofits, and the event’s success depends heavily on the items available to bid on. Whether you host [...]

5 Nonprofit Auction Item Ideas That Appeal to Younger Donors2023-05-09T16:16:53-04:00

Understanding Nonprofit Membership Models: Quick Guide


Looking to structure the way you collect dues and give your members their perks and benefits? Then it’s time to start looking into the best options for nonprofit membership models! Choosing the right membership model is key to delivering all the perks of your membership program. Plus, it helps you bring in a steady stream of revenue for your organization. In order to figure out which model is best for you, you’re going to want to dive into your membership program’s goals. Let’s explore a few different nonprofit membership models, along with what types of organizations they work best for and [...]

Understanding Nonprofit Membership Models: Quick Guide2023-03-15T11:26:40-04:00

How to Retain Your Nonprofit’s Major Donors: 4 Expert Tips


Improving your donor retention rate is likely at the top of your nonprofit’s priority list. Your organization should seek to retain donors at all levels, but it’s especially essential to create a major donor retention plan. These donors typically make up only around 20% of a nonprofit’s donor base, but they contribute a staggering 80% of funding (this is known as the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule).  According to a Bloomerang study, 53% of nonprofits say that major gifts are absolutely crucial for their organizations, but only 41% of nonprofits have a major gift strategy. With a clear major gift [...]

How to Retain Your Nonprofit’s Major Donors: 4 Expert Tips2023-03-14T16:45:26-04:00

How Cross-Sector Partnerships Can Benefit Nonprofits


Your nonprofit doesn’t have to operate alone. Serving alongside a for-profit business in what is known as a cross-sector partnership comes with several benefits and should be built into your organization’s strategic plan. To ensure a successful partnership, reach out to businesses that align with your mission and ask detailed questions about who their customers are, what they expect to get out of a partnership, and how they would be willing to contribute to your cause. An example of a mutually beneficial partnership would be an animal shelter teaming up with a doggie daycare business to host an adopt-a-pet fundraiser because the organizations [...]

How Cross-Sector Partnerships Can Benefit Nonprofits2023-02-02T09:48:44-05:00

Nonprofit Budgeting Basics for Fraternities & Sororities


No matter your chapter’s size or focus, a crucial part of achieving your chapter’s goals is having an effective budget. That being said, your budget’s contents and structure will be different than other sororities’ and fraternities’ budgets. In fact, it might even differ from chapters of your organization at other schools with similar fundraising programs. As the foundation of the chapter’s activities and the indicator of your performance, your budget is one of the most important documents in your chapter. Thus, there’s very little room for error when creating and using it. Drafting your budget can feel daunting and confusing, but [...]

Nonprofit Budgeting Basics for Fraternities & Sororities2022-12-16T17:17:35-05:00

Leveling Up Your Company’s Upskilling Program


Upskilling helps businesses give their employees the skills and tools they need to be as effective as possible in their roles. By providing training, educational programs, and career development opportunities to your employees, you can help to elevate their skills to a new level. In addition to higher productivity, more learning at work can also improve your employees’ morale and boost retention rates. While important, some businesses don’t have substantial upskilling programs. It can be difficult to know where to start when designing a compelling upskilling program, especially with the incredible depth and breadth of training resources available online. Evaluating which of [...]

Leveling Up Your Company’s Upskilling Program2023-01-29T19:23:19-05:00

HR Audits at Nonprofit Organizations: Getting Started


Tackling an HR Audit may not be at the top of your priorities list, but such initiatives offer significant benefits to you in managing your business operations and organizational success, not to mention the value of ensuring legal compliance.   This blog covers the following topics: Why Conduct an HR Audit Choosing the Best Professional to Lead Your Audit Basics of Conducting an HR Audit Audit Triggering Events After reviewing this information, you will be better situated to embark on your own comprehensive review.  Why Conduct an HR Audit RealHR Solutions defines HR Audits as an in-depth review of your organization’s people [...]

HR Audits at Nonprofit Organizations: Getting Started2023-01-29T19:27:37-05:00

Compliance Essentials: 4 Things for New Nonprofits to Know


Fundraising is a core component of any nonprofit. It enables you to cultivate a community, work toward your cause, and create new mission initiatives. Picture this: you’ve gathered your resources and supporters into the beginning stages of a nonprofit organization. You’re all fired up, and inspired to start fundraising for your organization’s cause. But how do you get started with nonprofit compliance laws? Don’t let the complexities of government nonprofit compliance requirements hold you back from embarking on your nonprofit’s fundraising journey! Although this is not an exhaustive list, this article can serve as a guide for what to look out for [...]

Compliance Essentials: 4 Things for New Nonprofits to Know2023-05-18T23:42:11-04:00
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