5 Benefits of Using Data to Improve the Patient Experience


Exceptional patient experience is the outcome of several factors working together symbiotically—healthcare organizations and providers, associated tools and technologies, facilities space, and even the patient’s own perceptions and efforts.  However, managing patient outcomes has become more difficult as more providers face burnout from increasing workloads and staffing shortages. Other gaps that disrupt this relationship are caused by inefficient and outdated technologies that can’t keep up with patient demand. These hurdles present real challenges—one study mentions that if a healthcare organization loses one dissatisfied patient, they effectively lose nearly $200,000 in revenue over their lifetime.  So, how can healthcare organizations enhance the [...]

5 Benefits of Using Data to Improve the Patient Experience2023-11-13T11:07:07-05:00

Planning a Virtual vs. In-Person Event: 4 Considerations


Is your nonprofit gearing up to plan the event of a lifetime? Fundraising events bring in vital donations and have a huge impact on furthering your mission, but they take time, resources, and planning. To execute a flawless event, whether it’s in-person or virtual, you’ll need the right plan in place.  However, your planning process will look different depending on the type of event you choose to host. Don’t worry – we've got you covered! In this guide, we outline the best practices and tips to help your nonprofit choose the right event type to attract the right attendees and boost [...]

Planning a Virtual vs. In-Person Event: 4 Considerations2023-10-26T15:15:35-04:00

How to Make Nonprofit Website Calls to Action Stand Out


Imagine you’re searching for a cause you’re passionate about and find a nonprofit that aligns with your values. You click through to their website, excited to find out how you can get involved.  However, when you get there, you notice that there’s no easy way to find the donation or volunteer pages. After scrolling through the whole site, you give up and search for another similar organization to support. This nonprofit website needs a major revamp. Your website is one of your most helpful marketing tools, and if it’s functioning correctly, it should convert interested users into supporters of your cause. [...]

How to Make Nonprofit Website Calls to Action Stand Out2023-10-16T10:58:54-04:00

Involving Corporate Volunteers in Fundraising: 3 Ideas


Picture this: your nonprofit is gearing up to run a capital campaign to construct a new building. This campaign will require a lot of funding, and you’ll need all hands on deck to steward strong donor relationships and solicit donations. While your staff and board members are up for the job, you quickly realize that you’ll need additional help to push your goals forward. This is where corporate volunteers can help. While all volunteers can make a difference in your fundraising plan, corporate volunteers can make an especially large impact because of their professional backgrounds. Specifically, they can leverage their unique [...]

Involving Corporate Volunteers in Fundraising: 3 Ideas2023-10-09T12:40:54-04:00

Investing in Sports Camp Software: The Top 3 Benefits


When it comes to managing a sports camp, sometimes it can be hard to keep everything running smoothly. Maybe you’re not getting as many signups as you want. Maybe you’re not connecting with as many athletes as you want to. Regardless of what the obstacle you’re facing is, it’s counterproductive to your sports camp’s goals. Some of the largest challenges for sports camps come from marketing, registration, and payment management. Luckily, there’s a solution for these issues: sports camp software. Just like nonprofits use technology to power their mission, your camp can use dedicated software to improve your offerings. In this guide, [...]

Investing in Sports Camp Software: The Top 3 Benefits2023-10-06T13:48:46-04:00

Cryptocurrency Donations are On the Rise: How to Tap In


Last year, donors gave over $200 million to nonprofits in cryptocurrency donations. Even as overall giving to nonprofits declined, the amount of crypto donations increased. If you’re looking for new ways to generate fundraising revenue for your cause, cryptocurrency’s rising popularity indicates that it could be an impactful avenue to explore. Entering the world of crypto for the first time may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these steps to tap into this emerging donation option for your nonprofit: Learn the basics Select a crypto donation platform Promote the option to your donors Strengthen relationships with cryptocurrency donors Once you have [...]

Cryptocurrency Donations are On the Rise: How to Tap In2023-10-04T13:09:21-04:00

4 Ways Fundraising Software Takes Teams to New Heights


Whether you’re a school sports coach, a member of a PTO or booster club, or the manager of a nonprofit sports organization, you understand just how vital fundraising is to keep your team going. If you already have a few campaigns under your belt, you may be wondering how to improve your outreach or communication methods to continue meeting revenue goals. On the other hand, if you’re just getting started, you’re probably looking for the perfect fundraising idea for your team.  Seasoned fundraising veterans and newcomers alike can benefit from using fundraising software made with group fundraisers in mind. In this [...]

4 Ways Fundraising Software Takes Teams to New Heights2023-10-02T16:00:37-04:00

3 Self-Care Tips for Hardworking Nonprofit Professionals


Nonprofit professionals work hard to push their organization’s missions forward, whether that’s through hosting events or creating marketing materials. However, because of all the hard work they do, they’re at higher risk of developing burnout at their jobs. That’s where self-care comes in—by taking care of your needs, you’ll be able to stay engaged and do right by your beneficiaries. This guide includes self-care tips nonprofit leaders can use to create a more positive nonprofit working experience for their employees. We’ll also include tips from the for-profit world to help mitigate burnout. Let’s get started! 1. Manage work time effectively. For many nonprofit [...]

3 Self-Care Tips for Hardworking Nonprofit Professionals2023-10-20T17:44:51-04:00

How to Harness Alumni Donor Data for Maximum Impact: 5 Ideas


Four years of college go by in the blink of an eye. It’s easy to engage students while they’re on your campus, but it’s more difficult to encourage alumni to stay involved once they’ve graduated. To keep alumni as strong supporters of your school community, you can’t rely on intuition alone. You need to back up your alumni engagement decisions using your donor database. In this article, we’ll go over our top ideas for alumni donor data collection and usage to maximize the support you gain from past students. Let’s get started! 1. Conduct prospect research. AlumniFinder explains that prospect research is a [...]

How to Harness Alumni Donor Data for Maximum Impact: 5 Ideas2023-09-18T14:07:30-04:00

Getting Started with The Google Ad Grant: Key Prerequisites


As the world’s most used search engine, Google is a resource nonprofits should use to spread their message. In fact, according to Nonprofits Source, Google owns over 93% of the search engine market share. Fortunately, Google offers a program called the Google Ad Grant to give nonprofits a leg up and find more dedicated supporters, faster. With the Google Ad Grants program, your organization can use Google Ads to increase donations, promote upcoming events, advertise volunteer opportunities, and more. But, before you apply for the program, there are a few prerequisites your nonprofit needs to complete. In this guide, we’ll walk [...]

Getting Started with The Google Ad Grant: Key Prerequisites2023-09-13T16:50:58-04:00
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